Best Wireless Power banks for iPhones and Android Phones

What is Wireless Power Bank?

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Wireless power bank is used to charge an electronic device or mobile phones. It charges a device without the use of input chord. Wireless power banks are equipped with features such as power-efficient idle mode. The power bank never overcharges device’s battery or wastes energy. Multiple circuit protection systems are installed inside power banks to avoid overcharge, over discharge, and short circuit.

Best Wireless Power banks for iPhones and Android Phones

Wireless power banks are a relatively recent category of portable chargers. Wireless power banks can charge your phone continuously without using a cable by simply placing your phone (or smartwatch) on top of the power bank. This is very handy while working or during travel. You can also use wireless power banks like normal power banks and charge phones normally using cable to get 40-50% more battery back-up.

All wireless power banks can also function as wired power banks. In wired mode, the charging speed will be almost twice the speed compared to wireless mode.

Wireless charging is about 25-30% less efficient than wired charging. To get maximum possible backup from your power bank, it is better to charge in wired mode. A 10,000 mAh wireless power bank will fully charge an iPhone 12 Pro about 1.5 times in wireless mode but charge it two times in wired mode.

Does 20000mAh power banks allowed on flights?

Many people asking about capacity -20000mAh power banks allowed on flights?

Some people have a large capacity power bank that they do really want to take with Them,when they are on a flight. But many airlines enforce a strict 100Wh limit on flights. Even though most power banks are below this limit, it would still be a good idea to check your battery’ packs Wh. This will help you a lot to avoid facing problems,when you board a flight.

Generally speaking,it’s safe to take a 20000mAh power bank aboard with you,because of it only has 74Wh, it is below the 100Wh limit. It’s easy to calculate this before board ,because of the majority of battery packs are advertised based on their charge, a conversion will need to be done to get the total energy. To do this, multiply the mAh by the battery’s nominal voltage (usually 3.7V) and divide it by 1000. For example, 20000mAh * 3.7V/1,000 = 74Wh.

What Capacity is popular currently ?

10,000mAh – 3 mobie phones charges

20,000mAh – 6 mobile phones charges

30,000mAh – 9 mobile phones charges

What does it mean for the mAh ?

mAh = milliampere-hour

Before abord, please make sure about capacity of your power bank will Meet airlines Regulations.

< 100 Wh

! 101-160Wh

X > 160Wh

How to cacualte the Wh ?

For example:

Voltage: 3.7V divide it by 1000.

20000mAh * 0.0037 = 74Wh < 100 Wh —— it meet airlines regulations.