[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] The epidemic in Taiwan is heating up, and the epidemic prevention alert in Shuangbei City has been upgraded to Level 3. Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe yesterday (15th) expressed his belief in the quality of Taiwan’s citizens. If everyone stays at home and reduces the chance of infection, it will take two weeks. The number can be controlled. The citizens of Taipei also “automatically lock down the city” to reduce their time outside. Yesterday, Taipei’s business districts and night markets were empty. Japanese netizens praised Taiwan’s unity, and even wished Taiwan could block infections, and praised the Taiwan government for real-time In particular, I am very impressed by the strict implementation of the real-name system.

Yuyu, who lives in Japan, said in an interview that Taiwan’s epidemic prevention efficiency is really super high. Public places will be closed as soon as the epidemic broke out, and some stores will be withdrawn from hot food areas on the same day. Although the Japanese know that the epidemic in Taiwan is severe at this stage, most of them praise Taiwan, especially People take the initiative to wear masks, and real-name systems are implemented in various places. The government’s immediate response measures are admirable.

Yuyu said that Japan puts alcohol at the door and measures body temperature at most. The real-name system also requires the people to be willing to abide by it. Taiwan’s information is open and transparent, and the infected person’s footprint is clear. Japan is too focused on privacy and cannot establish this area. In the collapse, the Japanese believed that Taiwan was able to withstand the epidemic.

Japanese netizens also commented on the following comments on the news that reported the Taiwan epidemic in Japan: “The only country that has received high ratings from around the world. I was surprised to see this report, but Taiwan has a strong sense of unity and hopes to block the infection.” Stop the spread of infection, right? I hope that Taiwan, the only successful epidemic prevention, will come on.” “The number of infected people in Taiwan is increasing rapidly. Compared with Japan, the number is still small, but it still caused some panic. Taiwan’s crisis awareness is much higher.”


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